• Ambassador of India was interested in textile production in Rivne


    The ties between Ukraine and India, which had their origin and a real flowering in the times of the Soviet Union, are still ongoing and developing.

    The annual turnover of the commodities between our countries is about two billion dollars, while the share of Ukrainian exports is 3-4 times higher than imports of goods from India. So the interest of the Indians in deepening cooperation and the change in such a balance is obvious. Given the relatively low volume of imports of their goods and raw materials in Ukraine, which consists mainly of pharmaceutical products, organic chemicals, plastics and polymer materials, ferrous metals and tobacco, the entry into the market of Indian cotton yarn of such a serious player as the Rivne Flax Factory could not remain unnoticed. The dynamics of the growth of production capacities of the leader of the Ukrainian textile industry was clearly reflected in the volume of imports of Indian cotton. Rivne enterprise and its potential are interested in the highest level. Therefore, the visit of the Ambassador of India in Ukraine Manoja Kumar Bharti and his deputy Ghoto Ram Min to the Rivne Flax Factory was a logical continuation of such a partnership.


    During the business lunch with the leadership of the Rivne Flax Factory, Indian diplomats were keenly interested in all areas of activity and development of the company, as well as plans to enter on the foreign markets.

    In particular, on the Indian market. After all, the quality of the finished products of TM ” Goldi” astonished guests very much. In addition, Mr. Ambassador, who is an engineer-technologist at education, was enthusiastic and acquainted with the most advanced equipment and production processes of the enterprise.        As a result of the meeting, Ambassador of India in Ukraine Manoj Kumar Bharti said:– The partnership relations of the Rivne Flax Factory with the industry of India are already at a very high level. However, I am ready to promote their further development, both in the direction of attracting Indian investors to further increase the production capacities of the Rivne Flax Factory, as well as in finding new reliable partners – suppliers of raw materials. In addition, the Indian market is interested in high-quality finished products, which is produced by the Rivne Flax Factory under its own brand name.

    Do not conceal the joy of a successful meeting between the parties and the president of the Rivne Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nikolai Yaroshchuk. – Rivne Flax Factory is a real honor of our city. That’s why it’s great that such high guests have expressed a desire to visit it here, and we have something to impress on them. Moreover, the Indian market for us is open field for work. We have many common interests and many prospects. Acting director of the Rivne Flax Factory Roman Fomin says:the desire of the Indian diplomats to visit their production is not surprised. After all, with the growth of capacity of the enterprise, the volume of imports of Indian cotton is growing in geometric progression. – I recall, a few years ago, during our first trip to India in search of raw materials, we ordered 3 containers of cotton yarn. Today, our orders reach 300 containers. Of course, such volumes and dynamics are noticeable for the Indians. Therefore, the visit of the Ambassador of India to our company will be an impetus for a more constructive cooperation. We will further improve our relations with our Indian partners, we will be able to get even better prices and even better raw materials, and therefore our finished goods will have even better quality and price. In addition, the Ambassador informed us of the progress made in easing the visa regime between our countries, which would greatly facilitate further strengthening of ties. Struck by the results of the team of the Rivne Flax Factory, at the end of the meeting, the Ambassador of India in Ukraine expressed a great desire to meet personally and get acquainted with the owner of the company Oleg Chervonyuk, who was currently on a business trip in Germany. Manage Kumar Bharti hopes that such a meeting will take place at the company during his next visit to Rivne, or at the Indian Embassy in Kiev, where the diplomat invited Oleg Chervonyuk for a friendly and business conversation.


    Indian guests did not go empty-handed. Now, both diplomats have stylish polo from the new summer collection TM ” Goldi” – the result of the conversion of Indian cotton to quality Ukrainian knitwear.