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    T-Style Ltd. was founded on March 6, 2008 on the basis of Rivne Flax Factory. The sphere of activity is textile industry. T-Style Ltd manufactures and sells various types of fabrics: single jersey, pique, plush and terry fabric, interlock, covered rubber thread (rib fabric 1×1 and rib fabric 2×2), two threads, three-threads. We use cotton, viscose, acrylic, polyester yarn and mixtures thereof. And we also sew ready-made clothes from this fabric. Today  1500 employees are involved in production. The factory has reorganized and repaired a significant part of the sections, where the production of the knitwear is carried out; ready-made clothes are sewed on the most up-to-date high-performance equipment from the best world producers. Today, Rivne Flax Factory is the leader of Ukrainian light industry in terms of production volumes and development rates. In addition, the country’s leading developers have recognized our company as the most successful domestic retailer of the last few years. We constantly maintain high dynamics of development, introduce the newest technologies in production and trade, and remain the favorite brand of our customers.

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    Also, the full cycle of production can be seen personally by visiting us at the factory on a free excursion. – WELCOME!


    Production Capacity

    Today, the company’s production capacity is more than 20 tons per day. However, the T-Style company continues to work on expanding its own manufacturing capacities, for example, in 2018, launched its own denim production, the arrival of a special compactor from the American company FAB-CON is expected, which will allow even better to process viscose fabrics than at present. In addition, we are constantly increasing the capacity of the sewing room, in particular, we plan to automate the sewing of polo shirts.


    employees are
    involved in prodution.

    +20 tons

    We produce
    more 20 tons
    of fabric per day

    7 Factories

    7 garment
    factories are

    19 teams

    19 sewing teams
    and a separate cutting
    section is in operation


    In particular, the following equipment is installed and operated at the production:

    – highly-productive circular knitting machines from “Mayer&Cie”, “Terrot”, «Pailung», “Keum Yong”

    – “Thies” dyeing machine for knitted fabric- “Brazzoli”dyeing machine for knitted fabric – “Vald. Henriksen dyeing machine for the weaving fabric

    – 2 highly-productive drying and finishing lines for open knitted fabric “Bruckner”; – highly-productive line for drying and processing of a knitted fabric of tubular shape from European companies «Bianco S.P.A», «Lafer S.P.A.», «MonfortsTextilmaschinen GmbH»; – drying and dyeing equipment for plush fabric from company «Thies GmbH»; – Clipping, grinding and smoothing equipment for processing of linen from the company «Lafer»

    – pattern making Machines (for tensioning a screen, for lighting and washing patterns) from the Portuguese company “Acosgraf”; – automatic printing machines for printing on cut-off parts of fabric and finished products manufactured by the Portuguese company “S.ROQUE”; – machine for printing on a tubular shape fabric from “Purde Makin”

    – flat-knitting semi-jacquard machine for the manufacture of collars from the Japanese company “Matsya”; – Accessory production machines (lace and elastics) from the Spanish manufacturer “Construccione Metalurgicas Especiales S.A.” – the machine for making cords of the Turkish company “GorteksTicoretTekastil” – the machine for making accessories of the Italian company “Comez International s. r l ” – the machine for making laces from German company “Herzog” All of the above equipment will let us offer for our customers all the necessary accessories.

    – a machine for inspection of the finished fabric of the Italian company “Daroitex” – an automatic packaging machine from the company “Daroitex” – machines for inspection of the raw and finished fabric, to improve the quality of the double, from the Turkish manufacturer “Guven Celik”

    – a flooring and cutting complex from the French trade mark “Lectra” – sewing equipment from “Juki”, “Rimoldi”, “Union Special”, “Kansai”, “Pegasus”, “Aston”, “Siruba”, “Jamato”, automatic cutting and flooring lines of the French company “Lectra” – modern laboratory equipment, including spectrophotometer, infrared laboratory coloring machine and a cabinet with various types of lighting from the German company “Datacolor” for the selection of shades and laboratory coloring of canvas samples.


    Energy Saving & Energy Efficiency

    T-Style Ltd. takes care of its employees and the environment. On all equipment, where it is possible, installed heat exchangers and filters. In December 2015, the production of a powerful solid-fuel boiler and heating plant was launched by the Austrian company Polytechnik Luft-undFeuerungstechnik GmbH. The new boiler house has given us the opportunity to almost completely abandon the use of natural gas and reduce energy cost for our production. As a result, reducing the cost of manufacturing a knitted fabric. And this will certainly increase the competitiveness of our goods both in the Ukrainian and world markets. In addition, our company constantly introduces energy-saving technologies in production. In particular, inside the workshops and in the factory, a complete replacement of lighting from conventional to energy-saving lamps was made. Also, the latest water-treatment equipment of the Dutch company “Nijhuis Industries” was installed and put into operation.