• Резинка ворсованаCovered rubber thread brushed fabric

    SKU: 3-190 (Рн) 30віс/30л

    534.00 UAH

    Дрібний опт (від 15 кг до рулона): 13,35$

    Опт (від рулона зі складу): 8,9$

    Ціни вказані за 1 кгSmall wholesale (from 15 kg to a roll): 13,35$

    Wholesale (from a roll from a warehouse): 8,9$

    Prices are per 1 kg

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    • Weight: 190 g/m²
    • Composition: 97% cotton, 3% spandex
    • Width: 115 sm(in a roll)
    • Color: brown 3
    • Application: Ідеально підійде For dresses, жіночих, дитчих blouses, гольфиків.
    • Minimum production order: 150 kg
    • Defect rate: 5% of the order
    • Color confirmation for ordering: we paint the colors you need on Pantone TCX , or we can paint in tone according to your sample and it is also possible to choose variants from our colors in the inner pants of Goldi, which are in fabric stores Kiev, Khmelnytsky, Rivne, Kharkiv, Odessa.
    • Supply form: in a roll
    • Packaging: lamina
    Payment type: from a warehouse/store – 100%, prepayment when ordering – 50%, remainder 50%, taking into account the rate and actual kilograms – on the day of shipment.

    Type of delivery: delivery at the expense of the recipient

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